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Alysha Berry (she/her)

Over the past 6 years, Alysha has worked closely with teenagers in the Bronx, NY and New Delhi, India. Through her experiences as a (language) tutor and writing mentor, she has realized the importance of establishing alternate forms of education and the politics involved in translation, literature, and language. 


Through various modes of media and design, Alysha supports the development of Start:Empowerment’s media campaigns, platforms, and virtual community. 

Based on unceded, occupied indigenous land in 

(New Delhi, India).

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Alysha's Story


Alysha was one of S:E’s first volunteers whose critical contributions led her to manage the newsletter, videography and social media production for the org. Now she also handles content strategy, member engagement, marketing and outreach, and curriculum design. 


Alysha graduated from Sarah Lawrence College where she concentrated in Literature and Anthropology with a focus in post-colonial studies. She was particularly interested in the role of vernacular languages and scripts and food in the practices sof (re)claiming land placemaking in Desi-populated migrant neighborhoods of NYC such as Jackson Heights and Coney Island Avenue. She has also always been interested in education and curriculum development; during her time at Sarah Lawrence, she worked closely with the Office of Community Partnerships and helped develop an educational program for Afghani immigrant students in Yonkers, NY. 


In 2021, Alysha returned to her hometown, New Delhi and worked at an Education Consultancy where she mentored high-school students, introduced them to research methodologies and critical thinking through workshops, and helped create a Writing Mentorship pilot program. 


Through this experience, Alysha further realized the need for accessible, alternate forms of education which provide students with agency and the ability to apply their knowledge to transform their communities. 


When she’s not working on media campaigns for S:E, Alysha can be found creating playlists, translating poetry, baking at odd hours, and losing track of time in her favorite library or bookstore(s). 

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