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NYU’s College and Career Lab is an intensive, free, non-credit summer program for current 7th and 8th graders attending New York City schools.


The College and Career Lab is designed to serve economically disadvantaged, first-generation college-going, and historically underrepresented students attending New York City schools. The goal of the College and Career Lab is to prepare, support, and inspire students to think about various career paths and diversity within career sectors while exposing students to college courses. The Lab allows students to gain valuable skills that prepare them with opportunities to thrive.

+ over 100 participants 

+ active participation,

+ workshop on raptivism allowing students to connect creativity with social change, over 15 students shared their rap/poem 

People & Planet: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability, Advocacy, and Justice

July 15th & 16th, 2020


This two-day session will introduce students to environmental sustainability through a social justice lens and the breadth of careers built around sustainability research, education, and advocacy. On the first day, participants will learn about the connection between human activity and climate change and develop a baseline understanding of environmental sustainability. This session will then be followed by another session deep-diving into environmental justice and the connection between the climate crisis and environmental racism. Finally, it will end with a workshop on raptivism. 

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