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redefining climate course

course description.

...This course is currently suspended and is intended to launch in 2022....

Course description.

course description.

Join Start: Empowerment (S:E)’s Climate Justice Community School for a 10-month long course where you will learn the ins and outs of the climate justice movement and the ways in which our individual and collective organizing can address the convergence of crises we find ourselves in the midst of. Throughout this course, you will learn from radical organizers doing the work on the ground, alongside a small cohort of fellow-knowledge seekers and like-minded individuals. 

As firm believers in radical and community-based education, we are offering a long-term opportunity for an educational experience led by community members, grassroots organizers, informal and formal educators, and others, as an alternative and/or addition to the traditional education spaces we occupy today. This opportunity is designed by the People of Color (POC) youth community, for the POC youth community—especially those who want to learn more about the climate movement and take action around environmental justice.



The course consists of two, two hour meetings per month. 


The first meeting each month consists of a speakership event where we hear from special “guest lecturers”, AKA organizers, thought leaders, and movement builders, about their insights in the climate and social justice spaces. These larger lecture style events will include panel discussions and keynote presentations, which will be open to folks outside of the class group. 


Then, we will meet in our smaller 30 person class cohort to convene recitation style space where we dive into the ideas discussed with our guest speakers, engage in lively, open, and critical conversations, break down action steps based on each speakership topic, and learn from each other in a community-centered educational setting. Meeting consistently over the course of 10 months will give us ample time to form personal connections with each other, brainstorm project ideas, and act as a hub for radical thought and action-oriented next steps


There’s a major gap in the education system: a lack of conversation around radical ideas, on the ground organizing, and BIPOC voices. We aim to fill this gap with this course.

Your contribution will help support:

  • Course scholarships to People of Color (POC) organizers who do not have funding to cover the lowest tier of the course.


  • The operating cost of our speakership series.

...🎉We are finally open for registration! 🎉...


Hover over each to explore sliding scale options!

Are you a Community Organizer of Color? Click here.

Paper Cups


This totals $300 over 10 months.

If this is still a stretch financially, we offer custom pricing options! Please email us for more information.*


Milk Bottles


If you're living comfortably.

This totals $350 over 10 months.


Sweet Potatos


If you're flourishing financially.

Totals $400 over 10 months.


Tropical Flower

What We Cover

  • Community-Centered Education

  • Youth and Leftist Movement Building

  • The Power of Protest

  • The Green New Deal’s Efficacy

  • Mutual Aid

  • Disability and Climate

  • Queer Movement Building

  • Soil & Sovereignty

  • Decolonizing Conservation

Your Benefits

  • Access to reading material, worksheets, and activities prior to the course for more in-depth study

  • Access to our community slack channel to connect, discuss, and find community with fellow students

  • Support on consistent accountability (through accountability buddy)

  • Access to workshops/recitations

  • Access to and support with follow-up action steps to start/create change of your own

  • Free registration to all speakerships through December 2021

The Timeline


April 2021

(Earth Month!)


January 2022

(just in time for New Year's Resolutions!)

Organizer Pricing Option

Pricing for Community Organizers of Color

As a thank you for your service 



Our organization is made up of People of Color and we want to continue to support People of Color.

Through the contributions of your fellows classmates, Start:Empowerment, and other donors, we are able to provide an even more flexible pricing option to ensure everyone gets a seat at the table. 

We hope you can give whatever you can----even if that means $0 and just bringing yourself ;)

You in?


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