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We're an environmental boutique NYC consultancy led by 2 womxn of color and a tight-knit team of 8 that help educators translate their aspirations and big goals into actionable plans to radically transform their classroom(s) and curricula.

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You want to transform your classroom & curricuLA; we have the revolutionary consulting services to help you accomplish all of that and more.



Our Guiding values 


We take the time to understand the unique challenges each school and district leader faces and then tailor the Start:Empowerment (S:E) approach to satisfy the exact needs of the clients we support.

Our Specialty 


We specialize in infusing social and environmental justice themes across subject areas to introduce more diverse content, drive student growth, and generate community impact.

OUR founding



Start:Empowerment is working to create the equitable and sustainable world that we all want to live in.


A world where we are intentional about the way we operate and are conscious of the effects our decisions have on our communities. Thus, we aim to also collaborate and consult with activists, educators,  and other local entities via the development of our client projects.  


Because, ultimately, we believe that education can be used as a vehicle to break cycles of injustice.




Our network of divergent thinkers taps into timeless human insights to find the need in the world you can uniquely address. At Start:Empowerment, we work with clients from new product research and development through commercialization. This ensures rich, insightful meaning in all that we bring to the table.

Hybrid & Distance Learning Development


Your distance or hybrid learning program should be responsive to the needs of your community, address barriers to success, leverage the new opportunities virtual learning provides, and be sufficiently supportive of students, teachers, principals, and families.

Curriculum Development


Curriculum development is no longer about textbook adoptions that happen every few years. Districts today need a strategy for curriculum adoption and selection that takes into account district goals, student needs and new dynamic and student-centered environments. 







One of our first program students attending the NYC Climate Strike.

Students from our first program cleaning up trash at their school. 

Help Us Change the World Through Action and Education...

News Flash! 

                      The climate crisis is not presented in an intersectional manner and the need for it is well deserved.


Without inclusivity and diversity on a topic as big and as ever-present as climate change and environmentalism, there is a subsequent lack of discussion as to how the climate crisis relates to other social and racial justice issues.


It's no surprise that on average people of color face significantly more pollution despite not producing as much; for example asthma hospitalization rates in the Bronx are 300% higher than New York City; and 80% of sewage sludge and waste is located in Harlem, North Brooklyn, the Bronx.


Thus, it is important to realize that in order to truly tackle climate change and address its root cause, it is important to educate the U.S population and take action.


That's why we were established in collaboration with schools and other local organizations to bring awareness to students via education, which allows us to build up young activists to create political and environmental change. 


Our Story


Start:Empowerment started as year long partnership with Salam Clothing and Jusoor Syria (fighting Islamophobia via streetwear and using ~90% of the proceeds to send Syrian refugees to school, see project here). 

Fall 2019

Received the Burch Scholarship and Green Grant to create our EJ curriculum in response to the lack of environmental and social justice programming in NYC schools.

Spring 2020

Implemented our pilot program at the High School for Teaching and the Bronx (HSTP) in the Bronx, NY (see the full project here).


Expanding our program and reach!


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Support Our Fellow Protestors

We stand with #Black Lives Matter 


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