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Our Food Justice Coalition

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The mission of the Food Justice Coalition is to bridge education and action in Start:Empowerment's service delivery. We aim to not only bring food justice education into the schools and homes of students, everywhere, but also provide added, accessible options for schools, community centers, and organizations to foster food security (access to healthy, nutrient dense foods) amongst participants in our Food Justice programming. 

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Visit the site here.

Or explore the embedded site below!

Our Food Justice Beginnings

Currently, Start:Empowerment offers 8 free Food Justice lessons for use by both formal and informal educators that is recognized by the

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(Click on the icon above to see our feature on their Resource Portal.)

The idea for this microsite came from the input of the teachers we have been working with. 

The pandemic has forced many classes to either be entirely remote or adopt one of many blended learning styles. 

Thus, we are pleased to announce our Food Justice Microsite, just one of the many curriculums we have provided to our school partners and the general public. (Now it is offered in our curriculum suite.)

Visit the site here.

Or explore the embedded site below!

(To view this site, hover over the screen and scroll or visit the live site here.)

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