Community Garden


(ages 15-24 years old)

Start: Empowerment is a BIPOC led social and environmental justice education project working with NYC schools to implement justice-focused curriculum and programming.


As staunch supporters of community-based and -led development and grassroots organizing, now, more than ever, we need YOU! Your ideas, your drive, your creativity, your passion, your drive.

Our goal is to use our organization as a tool to organize around the ideas of those within the community and align with their goals of self-determination and liberation as drivers of change. This is all because, at the end of the day, we understand that people in their communities know what is needed to best serve. We would like to assist financially. 


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Note: We usually take 2-3 weeks to vet all the applications collected for each period. Please be patient with us :) If you are accepted, the money will be transferred directly to your account using Venmo or another cash app.


Meet one of our 2020 Community Development Micro-Grant Recipients!

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Note: The 2nd slide mentions education being a gateway to freedom, but we don't believe that college education equals the path to liberation. Education exists beyond academia and can be used as one tool among many to uplift people.