Community Garden

Start: Empowerment is a BIPOC led social and environmental justice education project working with NYC schools to implement justice-focused curriculum and programming.


We collaborate with activists, educators, community members to create spaces for social and environmental justice education, and action. Additionally, we are staunch supporters of the principles of transformative justice, mutual aid, and healing.


Our goal is to use education as a tool to build healthy communities and organize around decolonization. 


We are still accepting applications! (Updated 02/24/21)

Two of our 2020 Community Development Micro-Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to our first Micro-Grant recipient, Teniesea Russell!

Note: The 4th slide mentions education being a gateway to freedom, but we don't believe that college education equals the path to liberation. Education exists beyond academia and can be used as one tool among many to uplift people. 

Congratulations to our second Micro-Grant recipient, Steph Garcia!

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