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                      The climate crisis is not presented in an intersectional manner and the need for it is well deserved.


Without inclusivity and diversity on a topic as big and as ever-present as climate change and environmentalism, there is a subsequent lack of discussion as to how the climate crisis relates to other social and racial justice issues.


It's no surprise that on average people of color face significantly more pollution despite not producing as much; for example asthma hospitalization rates in the Bronx are 300% higher than New York City; and 80% of sewage sludge and waste is located in Harlem, North Brooklyn, the Bronx.


Thus, it is important to realize that in order to truly tackle climate change and address its root cause, it is important to educate the U.S population and take action.


That's why we were established in collaboration with schools and other local organizations to bring awareness to students via education, which allows us to build up young activists to create political and environmental change. 


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We stand with #Black Lives Matter 


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Photo Credits: Donovan Valdivia

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