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Our goal is to see the expanded use of a critical consciousness framework employed in classrooms to improve educational outcomes and student engagement, as well as create young community leaders.


We take inspiration from thinkers like Paulo Freire who, in his famous book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, defined critical consciousness as the ability to recognize oppressive social forces shaping society and to take action against them. 

We LOVE bridging education and climate action.


And, so, by helping teachers build curriculums they are truly passionate about under this framework, in addition to, centering student voice, we can contribute to a society where everyone thrives


(From left to right) Our co-founder, Kier Blake, with Celia Cruz's (CC) Assistant Principal, Vern Ram +  HSTP teacher, Alex Goasdoue + CC's Oliver Eduardo and Xiomara De Los Santos holding microgreens cultivated by the students at Celia Cruz's indoor hydroponic garden (behind  the individuals).

March 10, 2022. Photo by Nikol Mudrová

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Our high school lessons are easily integrable in various subject areas including English, Social Studies, Science, and Math classes, and align with NY State standards.


We are also working on expanding our library of available curricula and available for guest lectures/workshops.

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...Chidi Asoluka...


Class Dean and English Teacher at the Horace Mann School

Start:Empowerment’s involvement in my class been a tremendous boon for my students. As I continue to teach them how they can be change agents in their local community, S:E has provided us with the tools to build the very foundation of our work. I find myself incredibly lucky to call them my partners. 

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..Alexander "Alex" Goasdoue..


Environmental Science

 Teacher at the High School for Teaching and the Professions

 I have been implementing the Environmental and Climate Justice Curriculum in my Environmental Science classes and I am very impressed that the curriculum is well organized with four separate modules that focuses on specific environmental justice and climate change issues that relate to my students in the Bronx, NY. I am also very impressed with how well curated the curriculum is with four interactive Google Slides presentations filled with informative videos, maps, diagrams and pictures. There are multiple activities with teacher prompts designed to engage the students. I recommend this curriculum to all teachers who want to educate their students about Environmental and Climate Justice!


...Mabel Rodriguez...

Director of Placement, High School Programs, Alumni Relations, and Curriculum Coordinator at Summer on the Hill

Start:Empowerment's guest speakers were a wonderful supplement to our Saturday curriculum centered around the election, media literacy, and climate justice as one of the most important issues of our time. During the session, the Start Empowerment speakers shared information about climate change and how young people can play an active role in the fight for climate justice here in the Bronx. The material was engaging, relevant, and appropriately scaffolded for our third and fourth grade students, who came away with knowledge and resources to further their budding curiosity about climate justice. We at Summer on the Hill are so grateful that our students had the opportunity to engage with this subject in a real-world way and are looking forward to a continued partnership with Start Empowerment at the high school level as well.

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