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Our Curriculum Development Case

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  • Completed year-long, 4-part curriculum reading 8 literary works from 5 different cultures covering social and environmental issues. The point was to introduce students to an international, intersectional dialogue with the authors through student essays and class discussions. 

  • ​Students completed a clothing line and campaign bringing awareness to food and equity, a part of the food justice concept, and was  a featured seller at the People's Forum.

  • Students contributed to the S:E social media engagement by creating IG interviews to talk about youth activism. 

  • Students made connections with various Horace Mann alumni that would be willing to give it a  shot.

Start: Empowerment’s involvement in my class been a tremendous boon for my students. As I continue to teach them how they can be change agents in their local community, S:E has provided us with the tools to build the very foundation of our work. I find myself incredibly lucky to call them my partners. 

Chidi Asoluka

 Class Dean and English Teacher at the Horace Mann School

Mr. Asoluka, a pioneering educator, created his own NewComm initiative to infuse social justice concepts into English curriculum, wanted to add another dimension.

As one of Horace Mann School's Deans and English faculty, Mr. Asoluka, invited us to infuse environmental justice-oriented readings and materials into his high school English classroom, in addition to, encouraging out-of-class community engagement. 

In the end, we helped in the continued design of his curriculum to recognize and study People of Color (POC) authors outside of the white literary canon and encourage his students to utilize literary analysis as a guide for critical thinking, mindful collaboration, and impactful action in relation to issues within their own communities.


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Project Highlight:

Together, students found local artist, Sabrina Tran, and worked with her to design a design that would promote food justice and discuss the ways in which different community members could take part in furthering action, in addition to providing us with merch to sell for fundraising purposes.​

After showcasing it at The People's Forum--where it was used as a tool to spark conversation about Food Justice in NYC--we now gift it to our donors on our Patreon page.

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Photos from the student-run modeling shoot at Horace Mann school.

Together, we integrated an introduction to activism and environmental / climate justice in English classroom, e.g. exploring how the assigned readings centering BIPOC authors translate to the justice issues right now.

Community Collaborations:

We brought in long-time advocate for equitable food systems and community resilience, Karen Washington, who talked to the Horace Mann students about food justice, its environmental and social impacts, and what they could do in their communities right now. 

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Designed screenshots from the Zoom speakership between  Karen Washington. and the Horace Mann students.

With Generous Support From:

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Featured in the...

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The People's Market at Manhattan's People's Forum tries to create a space for cultural workers, artists, and makers.  Held to welcome visitors shop zines, art, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, healing activities, herbal teas, AND OUR CLOTHES, among other things!

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