NewComm x S:E

Mr. Asoluka, a pioneering educator, created his own NewComm initiative to infuse social justice concepts into English curriculum, wanted to add another dimension... 

as one of Horace Mann School's Deans and English faculty, Mr. Asoluka, invited us to infuse environmental justice-oriented readings and materials into his HS English classroom, in addition to, encouraging out-of-class community engagement. 

In the end, we helped in the continued design of his curriculum to recognize and study People of Color (POC) authors outside of the white literary canon and encourage his students to utilize literary analysis as a guide for critical thinking, mindful collaboration, and impactful action in relation to issues within their own communities.

we believe: Education is a vehicle for social and environmental change. By helping teachers build curriculums they are truly passionate about, we can contribute to a society where everyone thrives



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