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A mix of appearances by representatives of our team tackling environmental injustice.

Media Coverage

Our favorite appearances for you to peruse.

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Social Media/
Digital Appearances

Real Climate Action Isn't COP 27 from Counterpunch (feat. Alexia)

Young Climate Leaders List, #4 (Alexia)


Greeningful Life, slide 4 & 6 (Alexia & Kier)


More Regina Hall (Kier)


Our Climate Voices (Alexia)


Our Climate Voices (Alexia)

Podcast, Radio &
Zine Appearances

Climate Change is Personal (Alexia)

Empowering Our Melanin (Kwaku)


Blaque/Out Magazine, p. 7 (Kier)


FootprintApp Newsroom (Alexia)


Terra Verde Radio Show (Alexia)

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