EJ Curriculum

In 2019, our partner school, High School for Teaching & Professions (HSTP) wanted a modularized curriculum that would expose students to environmental justice (EJ) and introduce them to new sustainability initiatives.

The students from the Green Club, AP Environmental Science, and Research for Science classes wanted a project they could complete before graduating.

In the end, we created 4 EJ modules still used today, funded a school garden, and connected students to paid internship opportunities.

we believe: Listening to student wishes, as well as teacher and administrative input, is the key to creating learning environments where everyone thrives


Our Modules:


Taught an introduction to activism and environmental justice, climate as it relates to public health, equitable land use and the effects of urban planning, and the global effects of environmental disasters.


Coordinated field trips to local entities and spaces, as well as invited guest speakerships for increased student interaction with the environmental organizations, activists, and institutions in their vicinity.  


Funded the first school garden to provide an accessible green space, education tool, and communal produce site. 




One of our first program students attending the NYC Climate Strike.

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❖ Saw a 60% increase in tested student understanding of the principles of EJ.

❖ Saw a self-reported 30% increase in student confidence in expressing and explaining EJ.

❖ Working with 2 environmental science classes and the sustainability club

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Students from our first program cleaning up trash at their school. to make way for their student-elected garden. 

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