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Our Youth Vanguard Program



(and why youth?)

** Vanguards are individuals who tirelessly pave the way at the forefront of an action or movement. **

Here at the CJCS, we don't have fellows, we have vanguards.


Historically, youth have been at the forefront of events that have changed the face of history. For us, 'Vanguard' is an aspirational name in that we hope to help in fostering the next generation of conscious, climate activists, organizers, scholars, advocates, etc., one in which will catapult our society forward as the generations before them have.

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Why Us?

why us?

As young people in the space, we have worked with countless students and teachers in classrooms but we still wanted our own avenue to delve into radical and community-based education. 


Therefore, we are offering an educational experience in partnership with community members, grassroots organizers, informal and formal educators, and others, as an alternative and/or addition to the traditional education spaces we occupy today.


This program is designed by youth, organizers, and community leaders for the youth community—especially those who want to have a fire and passion for potentially committing their live to fighting for an equitable and environmentally just world. 

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Who We Are

We believe: The time is NOW for social and environmental change when it comes to the climate crisis. By centering and equipping youth with the tools, resources, histories and supplemental organizing knowledge, we can foster community-first change makers

our past vanguards.

The program that preceded the Vanguard was our Youth Community Microgrants program. 

Previously, we offered $200 per project and, now, through the Vanguard, we can offer $500 per project to allow for participants to do even more!

Check out 2 of our past recipients.


what to expect.

We focus on providing young individuals, ages 16-24, who are already organizers, folks engaged in justice work, or those who show a keen interest in transitioning into the environmental justice and/or climate justice space with:

  • A position on our team working on public education projects, community organizing efforts with our partner orgs, and mentorship

  • Tactical and technical organizing training for on-the-ground community work

  • Up to $500 in funds to kickstart their community development ideas that will positively impact their local neighborhoods

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Priority Deadline: May 31st
Rolling Deadline: July 1st

The  NYC Environmental Justice Vanguard  is a cohort of youth organizers working to achieve justice and liberation. Vanguards will not only be participating in the Redefining Justice in the Climate Movement course this summer but also have access to additional workshops, leadership development, a $500 stipend, and work with Start:Empowerment (S:E) to develop and implement community-based strategies to achieve change. 


  • ⊛ Ages 16-24 

  • ⊛ Located in NYC

  • ⊛ Availability on Tuesday and Saturday evenings for classes/workshops from June 2nd - August 31st

  • ⊛ Commitment to working with S:E* and implementing your community based project from June 2 -      Dec 31, 2022 (minimum of 5 hours/month) 

  • ⊛ Interest in organizing with SE on a long-term basis 

* In addition to completing a community project of your own, assisting us could mean formally interning with us, assisting us in community actions, representing us on youth panels and committees, working with us to reach more schools, etc. depending on your interests and capacity, as well as our needs.

Check Back in 2023 to Apply
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