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Start: Empowerment is a BIPOC led social and environmental justice education non-profit working with schools, teachers, community organizations and leaders to implement justice-focused curriculum and programming. Our goal is to use education as a tool to fight for environmental justice and liberation for all.

But that's just the elevator pitch. What we really do fills a whole website.  So click around.

You want to transform your classroom & curricuLA; we have the revolutionary services to help you accomplish all of that and more.


Our Guiding values 


We take the time to understand the unique challenges each school and district leader faces and then tailor the Start:Empowerment (S:E) approach to satisfy the exact needs of the clients we support.

Our Specialty 


We specialize in infusing social and environmental justice themes across subject areas to introduce more diverse content, drive student growth, and generate community impact.

OUR founding



Start:Empowerment is working to create the equitable and sustainable world that we all want to live in.


A world where we are intentional about the way we operate and are conscious of the effects our decisions have on our communities. Thus, we aim to also collaborate and consult with activists, educators,  and other local entities via the development of our client projects.  


Because, ultimately, we believe that education can be used as a vehicle to break cycles of injustice.


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START:EMPOWERMENT has worked with 7 schools and over 500 students to create and implement social and environmental justice education and programming. 

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Hire START:EMPOWERMENT to speak at events on the importance of social justice, environmental justice, decolonization, abolition, and more! 

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  Community organizing is key to creating change. We support the community by engaging students, supporting existing networks,  advocating for progressive policy, and running a mini-grant program.

Our Clients

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New York University's

College & Career Lab


Our Partners

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NYC Dept. of Education's (DOE) Office of Sustainability

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We stand with #Black Lives Matter 


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We are based in NYC!

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