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An online repository of justice-centric lesson plans, activities, & trainings, developed by scholar-activists, Indigenous leaders, BIPOC educators & grassroots organizers.

This Is What Our Curriculum Suite Looks Like


Modules covering critical issues relating to environmental justice and food justice. 


Lessons, facilitator guides, PowerPoint presentations, and worksheets to aid lesson implementation. 


Activities and community projects that turn students into young leaders!

Our Environmental Justice Curriculum

Tailored to address pressing environmental injustices. 

Our Food Justice Curriculum

Illuminating critical issues surrounding food insecurity, and more. 

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This Is What Transformative Justice Education Looks Like




Students reached through

implementation of our justice-centric curricula in schools.

Youth deepening their knowledge through our workshops and speakerships. 

School, community, and grassroots environmental justice organization partners. 

Subscription Tiers

Individual Curriculum



A one-year subscription to either our EJ curriculum or FJ curriculum

Create your own curricula



A year-long subscription to any 6-lessons from our EJ and FJ curricula

Individual Educators



A one-year subscription for educators who want to incorporate lessons from our Curriculum Suite.

Public Schools & Edu Programs



A one-year subscription to our Curriculum Suite and Professional Development.

Private Schools & Edu Programs



A one-year subscription to our Curriculum Suite and Professional Development.

School Districts



A one-year subscription to our curriculum suite that empowers learners across districts

We also offer Custom Project-Based Learning for after-school programs, community programs, and more!

For clients who want to implement our curriculum into their spaces and/or existing programs. 

Custom project-based lesson programming may include...

  • Farm stand or garden set-up on your site. 

  • A set of mini place based lessons to facilitate hands-on learning

  • Have an S:E educator come lead classes or an after school program. 

Use our form to ask questions, request a pricing list, and/or book us to develop programming for you! 

To further discuss this, please email

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What makes our Curriculum Suite Unique?

Intersectional Approach:


Our curriculum takes an intersectional approach to climate justice, acknowledging that climate change transcends mere scientific study. 

We prioritize equity and justice across various subjects, aligning with State standards and TEKS for seamless integration. 

Student-Centered Learning:


Our curriculum integrates activities and projects from diverse educators and organizers, prioritising Black, Indigenous, and People of Color perspectives globally. 

We want to ensure that  students not only see themselves reflected in their lessons but also take ownership of their learning experience. 

Support for Career Development:


Our curriculum fosters practical skills for the future through Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Career Development as Occupational Studies (CDOS).


It also recognizes the privileges within the environmental justice movement, guiding students to understand the root causes of environmental issues and promoting critical thinking and social awareness.

We want to make our curriculum accessible and therefore can offer a discount code and/or subscriptions at a reduced rate. 

If you want to have a discussion with us regarding pricing, please email

Words From A Happy Teacher

"I have been implementing the Environmental and Climate Justice Curriculum in my Environmental Science classes and I am very impressed that the curriculum is well organized with four separate modules that focuses on specific environmental justice and climate change issues that relate to my students in the Bronx, NY. I am also very impressed with how well curated the curriculum is with four interactive Google Slides presentations filled with informative videos, maps, diagrams and pictures. There are multiple activities with teacher prompts designed to engage the students. I recommend this curriculum to all teachers who want to educate their students about Environmental and Climate Justice!"

- Alex Goasdoue

   Environmental Science Teacher

   High School for Teaching and The Professions 

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