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A series of workshops, teach-ins, skillshares and more to build community and gathering in the fight for collective liberation. 

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The Course (At A Glance)

What is the Earth Month Convergence?

A weekend-long, family-friendly, community gathering featuring a series of workshops, teach-ins and skillshares for developing the mindsets and tools to build autonomy and community in the fight for collective liberation. 

Quick Stats

  •  16  community events led by 26 community organizers, environmental justice leaders, and grassroots organizers. 

  • 140+ individuals deepened their environmental justice knowledge and fostered intergenerational connections. 

  • This series ran from Saturday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 23rd. 

Who hosted the Earth Month Convergence?

The Earth Month Convergence was co-created by Start:Empowerment and an ever-growing group of individuals in the Northeast committed to creating spaces where education beyond school walls is legitimized and knowledge acquired outside of institutions is validated. 

Schedule for Day 1


Benefits for Paying Attendees

  • Access to the knowledge of, widsom and stories of environmental justice elders, Indigenous Leaders, and grassroots organizers.

  • Follow-up action steps to start/create change in your community.

Schedule for Day 2


After completing this course, students were empowered to make more intentional and effective actions in their personal lives to support the environmental justice movement.

Students deepened their understanding of how each course topic is relevant to their communities and daily lives. Through the Summer School Series, we provided the next generation of leaders with the knowledge and tools required to ensure the creation of a sustainable, liberated, and equitable future for all.

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