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None of our work would be possible without giving credit to the company we keep.

Start:Empowerment is dedicated to social and environmental justice. We work with coalitions, campaigns, and allies around New York City to organize around causes important to New Yorkers. Our work has mainly been centered in Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, with plans for further expansion in all 5 boroughs.

CCIA Rally, 05/18 - Photo Credit: Devin Deane

Image by Shane Rounce

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NYC Dept. of Education's (DOE) Office of Sustainability

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National Wildlife Foundation's 

The Climate and Resilience Education Task Force (CRETF) is a project of the National Wildlife Federation in New York City with funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and Con Edison.

CRETF is dedicated to increasing access to interdisciplinary climate education and professional learning opportunities in New York's schools. The Task Force collectively manages a range of projects that advance climate education in New York in four key areas: public events; policy; equity, justice and inclusion; and teacher support.

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New York University's

Office of Sustainability

NYU’s Office of Sustainability leads the University-wide effort to build a healthier and more sustainable future.

Guided by Chancellor's Regulation A-850, the Office of Sustainability seeks to transform the NYC Department of Education into a more sustainable and efficient public entity regarding facility operations and student environmental education. Located within the Division of School Facilities, the Office engages both facility and pedagogical staff, including the DOE Offices of STEM, Wellness, Career and Technical Education, and District 75 to integrate programs into existing structures while also creating new education opportunities. The Office also partners with a diverse array of organizations to provide curriculum and programming to students and educators.

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Environmental Justice Coalition

NY Renews is a coalition of over 200 environmental, justice, faith, labor, and community groups, and the force behind the nation’s most progressive climate law. We fight for good jobs and climate justice, and we’re not finished yet.

We're fighting for:

  • Good Jobs: Create thousands of clean energy jobs throughout New York state.

  • Environmental Justice: Support low-income communities disproportionately hurt by climate change with revenue generated by a fee to polluters.

  • 100% Clean & Renewable Energy: Foster a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050 with a benchmark goal of 50% by 2030.

  • Worker Protection: Advocate for economic justice in the transition to a 100% clean energy economy that puts workers and families first. 

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Chidi Asoluka is a dean and English teacher in New York City. Since 2005, Asoluka has dedicated his life to education, starting in the non-profit sector to his current position as a class dean. Asoluka Company is his attempt to have a broader impact beyond his local community.

The New Community (NewComm) Project for Educators Program's purpose is to use the study of literature as the starting point to design and implement purposeful community initiatives for a local non-profit organization. Plainly, Chidi wanted students to see how traditional “school texts” provided a unique lens into the living, breathing text of their surrounding neighborhoods.

Abolitionist Teaching Network's mission is to develop and support those in the struggle for educational liberation by utilizing the intellectual work and direct action of Abolitionists in many forms. 

We are your multi-cultural, multi-service kitchen connecting farmers, chefs, and food-lovers. Our producers buy local ingredients, support local farms, and help to grow our local economy--right here in Windham county. 

Farmers can create value-added products in our commercially licensed kitchen, extending the season for local produce, utilizing farm seconds, and increasing farm profits. CLiCK supports and enhances local food sovereignty, empowering local growers and contributing to a cleaner, climate-conscious, democratic food system.

Our nutrition and wellness classes in our newly renovated Teaching Kitchen empower community members to take control of their health. Our member businesses connect consumers to over 15 local produce, meat, dairy, and egg farms, driving business to local farms in the area and increasing consumer access to fresh, nutritious foods. Small business owners shouldn’t have to make it alone — take advantage of our affordable and sanitary kitchens, access to existing supply chains, and consulting services to enhance your business with CLiCK.

PODER, People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources, was formed to increase East Austin residents’ participation  in corporate and government decisions related to economic development, environmental hazards and the impact on our East Austin neighborhoods. PODER was formed by a group of Chicana/o East Austin activists and community leaders after participating in a national meeting with SEMATECH in May 1991.

SEMATECH is a non-profit research consortium funded by the federal government and several of the largest U.S.-owned semi-conductor manufacturers in Montopolis, a predominantly Latino neighborhood. As a result of this meeting, and our interest in issues affecting our community, several of the local participants realized the need to form an organization to address the social, economic and environmental impacts on East Austin’s communities of color.

The Van Cortlandt Park Alliance preserves, supports, and promotes the recreational, ecological, and historical value of Van Cortlandt Park.


The programs of the Van Cortlandt Park are the core component of our mission to preserve, support, and promote the recreational, ecological, and historical value of Van Cortlandt Park. We offer an array of programs to introduce Van Cortlandt Park, and all it has to offer, to the community.

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Solar One's

Solar One’s K-12 Education Program – Green Design Lab™ – promotes experiential learning opportunities through science, technology and design. Solar One’s programs increase environmental knowledge about Energy, Water, Materials Science and Food, while fostering sustainable behaviors and stewardship. Using the school and urban environment as a learning laboratory, Solar One’s K-12 programs introduce students to hands-on real world experience, support the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills, and turn students into advocates for sustainability projects in their schools.