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Despite experiencing the effects of the climate crisis, co-founders Alexia Leclercq and Kier Blake didn't see topics such as environmental justice covered in school. So in 2019, they decided to take action and write their own curriculum. As more teachers reached out, Alexia and Kier established Start:Empowerment. 

Today S:E's core team members work to infuse environmental justice histories, organizing skills, urban-agro training, and political education into learning and community spaces. We introduce diverse content, drive learner growth and generate community impact while building, strengthening, and connecting various climate movements. 


A Youth-led Organization

We empower fellow youth organizers in NY, Texas, and other parts of the US through our Organizing Collective

A Transformer of 

We use traditional and nontraditional methods to teach our justice-centric curriculum

Creators of Public Political Education

We design public events, trainings, and skill-shares that build autonomy and community in the fight for liberation. 

of Climate Literacy

Through participation in the Climate and Resilience Education Task Force (CRETF).

Advocates of Indigenous Land Sovereignty

Through fighting the new Enbridge Pipeline alongside Karankawa organizers and aiding the organizers behind Migizi Will Fly in securing $50,000 for a cultural center and the Line 5 fight. 

A Resource for Grassroots Organizers

We support initiatives such as the No North Brooklyn Pipeline's organizing capacity public education and grassroots organizing with PODER. We also support organizations through our Fiscal Sponsorship program.

Kier Blake, Alexia Leclercq and other climate activists holding a banner reading "Pass the CCIA, make polluters pay".
Alexia Leclercq speaking into a megaphone at a climate protest, in front of a crowd of people.
Cropped DSC01691 (2).jpeg
Kier Blake at a protest, sitting on the floor beside another climate activist and holding a megaphone.

A series of photos of Alexia and Kier, co-founders of Start:Empowerment, from various events between 2019 and 2023.

Meet our entire team here.

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