About Us

Start:Empowerment is a rapidly growing nonprofit (501c3 status-pending), expanding from its two founders to include an eight-person volunteer staff team managing everything from publications to community engagement (including grants, events, newsletters, and more). 2021 growth initiatives include our new Speakership Series that aims to raise public consciousness on social and environmental justice issues, nuances and intersectionalities within the environmental and climate spaces, while providing accessible, radical community education on a wide range of topics for the general public, expanding the reach of our publications teams’ work and microgrants program for youth-driven community projects.

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An Overview of Our Work


Our Story

Fall 2019

Start:Empowerment received the Tory Burch Foundation Grant and NYU Office of Sustainability Green Grant in response to the lack of environmental and social justice programming in NYC schools. 


Hired our staff team and expanded our programs to Publications, Micro-Grants, Social Media & Campaigns, and Curriculum Development.

Was invited to the Climate and Resilience Education Task Force.

And crushed our records going into 2021!

Spring 2020

Implemented our pilot program at the High School for Teaching and Professions (HSTP) in Bronx, NY.

To this day, they are still a current partner of ours :)

Our Future

We are growing exponentially and we need your support!

Help us grow by:

  • Teaching food justice in your own classroom (for free).

  • Taking our course yourself or pay it forward to support a young activist of Color. 

  • Following us on Instagram for posts bringing awareness to social and environmental injustices and amplifying those doing the work to end them.


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