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Alexia Leclercq and Mariyah Jahangiri leading a climate workshop.


A series of workshops, skillshares and more for building power, solidarity economies, and revolutionizing the climate movement.

The Convergence (At A Glance)

What is the the Climate Convergence?

During NYC Climate Week 2023, S:E gathered different groups and community members for a Cemanahuac Danza Ceremony and a interactive workshop on Climate Survival to strengthen community infrastructure, mutual aid, and build climate powers.  

Who hosted the Climate Convergence?

The Climate Convergence was co-created by Start:Empowerment and an ever-growing group of individuals in the Northeast committed to creating spaces rooted in joy that help develop the mindsets, tools, autonomy, and community in the fight for collective liberation. 

Quick Stats

  • Cemanáhuac Danzantes shared prayer through dance to honor generations to come, ancestors, the land, and its protectors. 

  • Leo Cordier, co-founder of Buffalo Jump NYC, led a critical discussion on Indigenous Food Justice.

  • Survival Bloc, represented by Alexia Leclercq and Mariyah Jahangiri, led a workshop exploring dual power organizing as a way to fight for climate justice.

  • Over 80+ individuals strengthened their knowledge and developed the tools to fight for climate justice. 

  • This convergence took place during NYC Climate Week 2023, on Wednesday, September 20th. 

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After attending the Climate Convergence, individuals were equipped with ways to build mutual aid, as well as community-based disaster preparedness infrastructure to support mass direct action and build anti-capitalist ways of living. 

Through the Climate Convergence, we provided individuals with strategies and solutions to keep themselves and their community safe during disasters by building a shared collective narrative and equipping themselves with the tools to plug into their communities and make their organizing more powerful. 

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