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At the Youth Climate Justice Panel, co-founder, Alexia Leclercq was invited to speak with  SolarOne Green Design Lab's, Amy Colorado, and other youth activist panelists about their personal activist work and work with Start:Empowerment.

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Imagine filling a large room with knowledge and understanding of the nuances and histories of seeking environmental and social justice; discussing food justice and our current economy that encourages inequities; workshops exploring how it ties to various movements through an internationalist and intersectional lens; or completely transforming what your community thinks of what’s happening in the news. It is possible. Choose from topics such as Climate and Public Health, Food Justice & Indigenous Land Sovereignty, Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism, Reframing Youth Activism, and many more! Complete the form HERE with all the details you can and we’ll help you get started today.


Alexia Leclercq (She/They) is of Taiwanese and French nationality, they are also a first-generation immigrant to Amerika and is the co-founder and current co-director of Start:Empowerment. They graduated summa cum laude from NYU where they designed an individualized major titled the Politics and Economics of Inequality. They are a strong advocate for social and environmental justice and believe in fostering justice and community-centered education to propel meaningful change. 

Alexia's work has been recognized by NYU Gallatin, NYU Global Awards Center, the DOE Office of Sustainability, and more. They have been invited to speak on their work, experiences, and environmental justice organizing at multiple events and panels hosted by NYU Gallatin, NYU Sustainability Office, Future Coalition, Solar One, Our Climate Voices, National Student Divestment, EarthJustice, and Austin Youth River Watch. They have reached over 7,500 people and hope to continue inspiring action.

Kier Blake (use name/they) is a nonbinary, femme of Afro-Caribbean (Xaymaca/Jamaica) heritage who is a settler in Lenapehoking ("Brooklyn"). They have a BA in International Nonprofit Organizational Management & Development (NYU '20) and are pursuing an MSc in Environmental Policy and Sustainability with a focus in Environmental Justice at The New School. They lead Start:Empowerment's operations and external affairs efforts. They believe in creating group dynamics and cultures that can foster not only socially and environmentally just practices but also spaces that are also ecologically restorative. 

Recognized by the NYU Liberal Studies Social Impact Panel, NYU Office of Sustainability, DOE Office of Sustainability, actress Regina Hall's Solutions Project, and the NYC Urban Fellows Alumni Association for their commitment to public service both domestically and abroad, their efforts have lead them to further break down boundaries through their involvement in community organizing and their work through Start:Empowerment.


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