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The members of Ties to La Tierra are committed to caretaking Earth by promoting Indigenous, Anti-Colonial, and Transformative methodological practices, research, and community building to prevent further global ecological collapse and abolish injustices. 

They envision a future that Anticolonial BIPOC communities consent to, free of harms, all needs met, and ability to heal in abundance. 

Ties to La Tierra is dedicated to systems and movement research, spiritual and healing justice, conservation, language justice, and focusing on global Indigenous and land steward community building, biocultural diversity, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge. 


Support Ties to La Tierra

Donating to Ties to La Tierra enables them to continue  providing technical assistance to their community partners and leaders in the movement. 

All donations are processed through Start:Empowerment, a 501c3 tax deductible organization. 

You can contribute by sending funds via Zelle or PayPal to

Please mention "Ties to La Tierra" in the memo line. 

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