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The mission of our Climate Justice Community School is to host accessible workshops, teach-ins, classes, and more — led and curated by grassroots interlocutors in collaboration with Start:Empowerment to build community,m


Since its conception in 2022, the CJCS has developed mass political education events with the help of event leads and local organizers from our Earth Month Convergence and Summer Programming to redefine justice and intersectionality in climate work.

It has consisted of 26 events, 61 speakers, and 38+ workshops. Over 4,800+ individuals have attended our events and deepened their political-education knowledge. 

Our Public Education & Events Programming

Click here to visit our Events page to view all of our events past and present.

Event Spotlight: Our Summer School Series

What makes this series unique is that it is a foundational course curated by BIPOC organizers consisting of lectures, workshops, and an adjoining resource hub providing readings, calls to action,  and other resources to help community members get involved locally.


Even more specifically, it is taught by mostly QBIPOC organizers and scholar-activists who have organized at the grassroots level and remaining ticket sales that are not used to pay for operations and speakership fees are given to mutual aid causes.

This Is What Environmental Justice Leadership Looks Like

Thus, the Summer School becomes a space for the general public (and Vanguards) to be able converse with and grapple with environmental and social justice concepts in an entry-level and accessible environment. In addition to creating a regenerative space that seeks to benefit the community by giving back to the community.

Our Media


American Indian Movement

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No White Saviors

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