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Our Timeline


  • Created four custom modules on Environmental Justice and eight standardized lesson plans on Food Justice

  • Recognized by the NYC Department of Education. 


  • Reached 2,500+ students through our curriculum, educational workshops, and lectures. 

  • Improved educational outcomes, increased student engagement and created young community leaders, 


  • Launched public education programming reaching 1750+ individuals. 

  • Raised $6,000 to support speakers at our public education events and two mutual aid funds. 


  • Developed a curriculum suite with an activity hub covering 7 subject areas based on NY standards. 

  • Reached 3,800 individuals through public convergences, summer programming, and collective organizing. 

If the work we do speaks to you...

...and you have funds you can give, consider donating so we can sustain our work and cover operational expenses.

...and you have time and energy to give, consider:

  • Attending our Climate Justice Community School events to receive training and tools needed to organize and build community infrastructure in the environmental justice space.

  • Signing up for our newsletter to receive important calls to action and updates on our upcoming programming, events and/or campaigns.

...and you have school connections, consider asking your school to subscribe to our 

Transformative Education program  to build climate justice awareness and provide green skills training.

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