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By providing education, training, leadership, and capacity development, we play a crucial role in organizing spaces.

In our  partnerships with fellow organizations and young climate leaders, we've won the fight against pipelines in NYC and TX, diverted over 500 pounds of waste in schools, and more! 

Transforming Movements: No North Brooklyn Pipeline

National Grid has built 4 out of 5 phases of a massive fracked gas transmission pipeline in North Brooklyn called the Metropolitan Reliability Infrastructure (MRI) or as the coalition dubs it, the North Brooklyn Pipeline.

S:E has actively organized alongside the No North Brooklyn Pipeline, successfully thwarting the final leg of the pipeline and the installation of LNG (liquified 'natural' gas) vaporizers at the apex of the pipeline route. S:E remains committed to supporting the coalition's  strategic planning and on the ground work. We are currently fighting to shut off the gas in the first four phases of the pipeline. 

Climate activists at a protest, holding a banner reading "No North Brooklyn Fracked Gas Pipeline".
Kier Blake at a climate protest.

Our Community Partners

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